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What role does the integrator play in serving End Users?

The digital signage industry is an ever-changing landscape of technology and purpose. Many end users begin scoping out their network to meet a particular objective only to see it evolve over time. It is the integrator’s responsibly to understand the long-term communication strategy of their clients and supply technology that will evolve with it. In order to successfully meet the needs of the end user, an integrator must be focused on designing a digital signage system that is purposeful, scalable and serviceable.

Qualified integrators see themselves as technology experts that take the time to understand the long-term communication strategy of their clients. It is with this understanding that a network of technology can be designed to fulfill those goals. A client will often have a purpose in mind when approaching an integrator, but setting goals and metrics of success are paramount for getting a positive return on investment. Integrators understand that a client’s success is also their success; so identifying what makes a system purposefully driven and meeting those requirements is very important.

Technology consulting companies that integrate their designs are intrinsically looking at the end results for the client, but often, those goals change as time goes on and the market evolves. Designing and building solutions that are scalable and adaptable will ensure the end user has the tools to change as the market does. Integrators bring a lot of value in order to do this correctly through years of experience and knowledge learned from multiple markets and disciplines.

In addition to building solutions that have purpose and scale over time, insightful integrators will also be mindful of serviceability. It should go without saying, but for a system to be profitable and affordable, the installation should be done in such a way as to easily be serviced by local technicians or onsite staff. This will save money for the end user over time. The best way to do this is by using technology and software that is proven in the client’s space and reliable for critical applications and longevity.

The integrator plays a very important role for end users that require system design, installation and maintenance. Identifying the client’s goals and designing a scalable and serviceable solution for them is what experienced integration companies do. They use real world practices and proven technology to do so.

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