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What are the characteristics of a quality Content Management System (CMS)?

 When shopping for a CMS, there are a handful of things to consider:

  1. Easy integration – we want a setup that is relatively straightforward and self-contained for the server software.
  2. Player choices – I prefer a CMS that has multiple options for media players, from SoC to Android to Windows. ChromeOS would be a plus!
  3. Easy network setup – clear documentation on what the network requirements are such as port forwarding so I can configure multiple sites.
  4. Good support! Give me tech support and options for installation services
  5. Frequent updates/improvements
  6. Well laid-out user interface with a good UX design
  7. Finally… one that “feels” good. I know that’s a squishy sort of metric, but it will become apparent to a user immediately if they like the way something works, and that sort of instinctual appeal is hard to beat. I’ve had projects we specified come down to this simple characteristic.

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