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What are the characteristics of a quality Content Management System (CMS)?

The right content management system is the one that minimizes operational costs and future-proofs a particular installation. The in-depth guides I’ve created to help end users and integrators with their CMS selection describe more than 20 areas of criteria. The most important characteristics are those that enable presentation of the content or engagement experience that will achieve the intended objectives. One size does not fit all in CMS selection, and characteristics often overlooked include compliance with corporate technology policies, stability of the supplier and the ability to ingest media formats and apply these without degradation.

The key criteria is ease of use, which encompasses a wide range of characteristics including display group set-up/management, display zone layout, playlist administration, playout scheduling, content authoring, digital asset management, interface with data feeds and application systems, playout reporting, training requirements, provider support and access control.   

Digital signage is an investment in communications that provides a return. To under-resource the CMS is to burden system operations and minimize its benefits. Selecting the right CMS is core to the credibility and high return on investment. Planning the content strategy based on communications objectives is the starting point for defining the characteristics that matter most in CMS selection.

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