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How can you make digital signage environmentally respectful?”

We live by the Golden Rule, and it’s imbedded in our mission. Our goal is to leave every place that we’re privileged to operate in better than the way we found it. We operate in hundreds of communities across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. We are responsible corporate citizens in the communities that we serve.  We support nonprofit organizations by donating available advertising space for public service announcements. We also utilize our extensive digital display network to broadcast Amber, FBI, FEMA, Crime Stoppers and other emergency alerts on a local, state or national level.  

Lamar billboard

A hurricane alert displayed on Lamar’s digital billboards. Our Emergency Alert System (EAS) allows Amber, FBI, FEMA and other emergency alerts, to be distributed on a local, state or national level.

(Giving Back Video)

We continue partnering with amazing non-profits and utilizing our digital out-of-home displays to inform and educate drivers. Below are just a few campaigns that we’ve recently deployed across our digital footprint.

Lamar Advertising has teamed up with National Geographic and OAAA to launch a nationwide out of home public service campaign aimed at bringing awareness to wildlife conservation efforts. #SaveTogether 


Lamar Advertising teamed up with RAREFORM and world-renowned artist Milton Glaser for the “Art Lives” project. This unique sustainability campaign gives artwork and billboards a second life as repurposed, one-of-a-kind bags and accessories.


Lamar Advertising and Recycle Across America® Launch National Digital Billboard Campaign for Earth Week Campaign Showcases Earth Day Pledges with #LetsRecycleRight and Celebrity PSAs on over 600 Digital Billboards Nationwide


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