Ask the Board – October 16, 2017 | RICK ROBINSON


How can you make digital signage environmentally respectful?”

There’s the hardware piece of it: cleaner design, less clunking up of space, increased energy efficiency, proper brightness, etc. Then, there are the placement and orientation decisions: Is it the right size for its space? Is it easy to view from multiple angles, or are most sightlines forced and awkward?  Is the actual sign itself a polite, relevant and additive spatial citizen of the area it occupies?   Last and most important question: Does the content it carries earn the right to be there by telling better stories?  

In general, digital signage is at its best when providing content and perceived value for the viewer, and not solely serving “the industry.” We need to keep reminding ourselves that more is not always better. If a sign is bigger and brighter than it needs to be, people don’t see it.

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