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How do you develop a strategy to refresh content?

The challenge is helping the client create a budget that extends for the length of the year. Most clients tend to think about content once a year, and when there suddenly comes a time to refresh pieces of content, the budget is depleted. At the beginning of the year (or the start of every quarter), we sit down with our clients and review the objectives of the program and what they are planning. During that planning session, we advise them on how the content should align with the brand and/or campaign changes they are making during the course of the year. The frequency of change should always (at the minimum) align with how they execute on their campaigns. Once we establish a budget based on that activity, we then look at secondary or local messaging, meaning how much additional content will need to be produced should there be a need to deliver targeted messaging.

The best way to develop a strategy is to understand your clients’ “promotional calendar” and/or how often they change existing static signage. That refresh cycle should be in line with all their promotional materials throughout the year.  

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