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How do you develop a strategy to refresh content?

As we all know “Content is King.” And if that is the case, why is so much of the content that is shown mundane and sometimes boring. Do we really need to see a large 50 percent off alert flashing across the screen, or another piece of RTW fading in and out? I think not. The big questions in my mind include:

  1. How do you convey a compelling story in 60 seconds?    
  2. What are the visual connecting points? 

If we only have a matter of seconds to do this, I would turn to taking inspiration the way commercials are formatted. A lot of information is presented in 30 to 60 seconds. Granted, we are probably sitting in our favorite recliner, making it easier to endure the commercial, but there are those that are unique, fun, inspiring and witty. Why can’t the same approach go into a store’s digital content? I have to admit I have not seen that approach as of yet.

As for point number-two, we all love some sort of clever animation, cute animals and children. How do we maximize the artistic qualities of the content and create an emotional connection? I might be side stepping the question a bit, but if the content isn’t great from the beginning, it will probably be replaced with more of the same. At the end of the day, the content is yet another tool the store can use to it’s advantage to engage, entertain and educate. Stepping out and doing something different might be worth the risk, particularly if it draws attention, so be bold, be brave and be different!

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