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How do you develop a strategy to refresh content?

Efficient and effective content refresh occurs when you are closely aligned with the marketing calendar. For those of you who have been kind enough to read my previous responses, you will know we believe in COPE (Create Once. Publish Everywhere.). This is a workflow that sees us collaborate with our clients well in advance of publishing to any media, digital signage included. The basic concept is to create as much content as possible, up front and all at one time. This can be utilized to support ether a particular campaign or a product launch.

The result is photography, video and motion graphics that can be used across a wide variety of media, including digital signage. This approach ensures brand consistency, while developing content in a very effective way. Following the COPE approach ensures that refreshed content for digital signage is created as part of the overall process, and therefore, refreshes coincide with new campaigns and product launches.

Even if you’re not following a COPE philosophy, you can still benefit from some of the thinking. If you are building a strategy for refreshing content, I recommend you work as far upstream as possible and align with the marketing calendar. Additionally, partner with all content stakeholders, both internally and externally. This proactive approach should ensure that your network content is refreshed and aligned with other marketing activities.

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