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How can end users create a variety of compelling content for private networks without breaking the bank?”

Guest submission: Frank Coccaro, Executive Director of Multimedia, MGM Resorts International

The key to a cost-effective creative team that can satisfy a variety of end users is, ironically, spending money. If the money spent is on a key, experienced and networked individual to form the genesis of your team, the savings in time and benefits of quality volume of production will easily be reflected in ROI.

This person can also function as the ENTIRE team until demand makes hiring more, skilled professionals an efficient and cost-effective solution. When that time comes (and it will), the years of networking pay off with skilled players that hit the ground running. From this base, less experienced staff can be hired and trained. These skilled professionals have an innate ability to recognize potential talent, further building your organization with eager and possibly cheap learners.

We live in a magical age, unimagined by production professionals just 10 years ago.  A full suite of Adobe professional editing, animation and audio tools can be had for only $29 a month. Good, HD video cameras, powerful workstations, unlimited storage and basic light kits are readily available for less than the cost of one pro quality BetaCam deck or camera from a few years ago.

However, the best tools in the world are useless without a skilled carpenter. It’s not just the knowledge to work the tools, but the wisdom borne of experience to intuitively know what can be done quickly and with quality. The ability to tailor resources per project and give accurate delivery dates streamlines TIME, which is the most valuable commodity.

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Executive Director, Audio Visual Systems and Digital Media Distribution
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