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How can end users create a variety of compelling content for private networks without breaking the bank?”

  1. Pro-actively leverage the creative production you are probablyalready doing for general marketing and consumer communications content. For example, if you’re producing graphic or video advertising content for general marketing, expand the brief to include the production of a user-friendly source version delivered in formats optimized for online, mobile and large-scale interactive digital signage executions. You might not have all of those needs immediately, but securing the content, rights of use and adaptation and building a content bank of creative assets (during the original production process) gives you more to work with. While doing so adds a bit more cost, it provides the economic leverage of stretching the use of the creative assets. There will likely be more post-production and creative work later to develop the specific executions for your digital display networks, but that’s a lot less expensive than starting from scratch, and internal creative teams can typically do this work.  
  2. Adopt a Content Management System (CMS). Typically used to make content publishing easier to operate at scale for your primary website, CMS systems can also serve and manage content for multiple company web properties, mobile web, mobile app… and digital signage networks.  It requires an investment to establish and put in place, but provides a scalable central repository for digital content and creative assets.  And by leveraging a common CMS system across multiple modes of engagement, it saves cost in the long run.     


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