Ask the Board – October 2, 2017 | DANIEL ORME-DOUTRE


How can end users create a variety of compelling content for private networks without breaking the bank?”

Developing and maintaining great content for your network is difficult, yet massively important. To keep costs down, consider leveraging your marketing or publicity department resources. Use their design or art department, strike a partnership with them and pull the online-print material they use for your signage. If you have a brand department, work with them. Win their partnership because signage is still branding! If you don’t have such resources, try working with a local college to pull in a design or art intern. Hire an agency for a set project price to build templates that will last a year or more. Sometimes, a few thousand dollars that didn’t get spent at the end of the fiscal year can go quickly into rebranding and the designing of templates. If you are truly alone at this, then look at what QSR, DOOH and other companies are doing. Search Pinterest or visit the mall for ideas. Lastly, what is your company website doing? Use that as a guideline first and foremost!

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