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How can end users create a variety of compelling content for private networks without breaking the bank?”

Guest Contributor for June: Geoff Newton, Senior Graphic Designer, Columbus Regional Airport Authority

End users can create compelling and value-focused content in a variety of ways. Current generation content management software provides a great deal of flexibility in designing and developing individualized and dynamic layouts, as well as providing access to display information pulled from existing social media accounts or organizational websites. Developing a layout using these methods is an excellent way to “repurpose” an existing investment for display on a private network. This should all be done though by including, and at times, relying on existing in-house graphic designers if available. Not only will this ensure a clear and consistent message, but often times, quick-hit (30-sec) animations or videos can be created internally, with little-to-no cost depending on the platform it’s distributed/viewed on. If hiring isn’t in the budget, freelance designers can be found easily and are an affordable option rather than approaching an outside agency.

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