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How can end users create a variety of compelling content for private networks without breaking the bank?”

There are several ways to develop a repository of content to pull from without breaking the bank. The best approach is to start with your business style guide(s) for consistency of brand. This should include brand PMS colors, fonts, unique business icons, etc. If you don’t already have one, create a style guide to follow with some basic assets, which is a good foundation to build upon.

The old saying of “proper planning makes perfect” goes a long way when developing content for your digital signage campaign. It’s helpful to plan out the campaign as far in advance as possible. By doing so, you can potentially use the same graphics package but change up the color scheme to give the appearance of variety. Although the change might be subtle, it will appear to be different by your viewing audience.

Pre-packaged templates are always helpful. However, you should be mindful that someone else could also decide to use that same template. Nevertheless, by using a template as a foundation upon which your content is built, you don’t have to start from scratch. And in turn, a template with a few graphical adjustments can render your own unique content design.

Another way to save money on developing content for your digital signage deployment is to contract with a graphic design student. Students often have a class project that involves a digital media component. This is mutually beneficial to both you and the student. Not only will you save money, but you may also find a diamond in the rough designer that may start a long lasting design trend for your digital signage.


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