Ask the Board – October 2, 2017 | JIM RILEY


How can end users create a variety of compelling content for private networks without breaking the bank?”

A couple of ways that we look to highlight compelling content for our digital networks, while at the same time taking into consideration the limited resources of budget and time, is to repurpose and reformat existing content. What I mean by repurposing is that we want to spend most of the time and money on the front end to create a dynamic template that can then be updated by campaign/initiative through the course of the season. After we develop an approved template that accomplishes our objectives, we then put it into our system, and it promotes whatever we need it to at the time. One campaign for the template would be focused on season ticket plans. Then, we’d switch to promote Opening Night, then highlight the next upcoming home game, etc. Of course, the number of templates we develop and run at the same time can vary based on available inventory. 

The other way is to repurpose our ‘creative’ to fit all necessary resources. That same template that we developed to help promote Opening Night has a certain overall look and feel and central image to it. We take those same elements and apply them to whatever additional digital resources we are using for the campaign. For example, the Opening Night creative message that appears on our in-arena scoreboard is going to match the same creative for our digital outdoor network. The specs are different, but knowing that the main elements will stay the same helps keep our overall message consistent and saves time because we don’t have to develop an entire new look and feel. 


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