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How can end users create a variety of compelling content for private networks without breaking the bank?”

As business communication continues to evolve, it’s imperative to find ways of not only creating engaging content, but to do it on a limited or almost non-existing budget.  Internal communications is no longer just via email or phone call.  Now, more and more businesses, of all sizes, are communicating to their employees via digital signage networks.

Internal communications is nothing new. In fact, Alexander Heron wrote one of the earliest books on the subject two years after he and roughly 150 members held a conference on the emerging concept in 1940. Obviously, much has changed since then, but the importance of corporate communications is just as significant now. It not only promotes a sense of community among the employees, relays pertinent information and re-enforces your brand.  One way to defray the cost of creating constant, engaging digital communications is to repurpose already existing content. Old content can always be treated for various purposes. Additionally, when shooting new content, it’s always best to get out your production time and budget as many assets and content as possible.  Multiple projects can share studio space and production resources thereby saving money on staff and equipment rentals.

Furthermore, most medium-to-large businesses will have internal brand communications teams on staff. As the need for communicating information to employees grows, having fulltime staff to address these companies’ needs saves on expensive freelancers.  Lastly, since the transmission of information is now taken from what were once paper memos, it is now delivered digitally.  Businesses can save on the cost of paper as well as helping to diminish their carbon footprint.

So while internal corporate communications continues and will continue to flourish, with some creative use of time and materials, this delivery method can be both engaging and economical.

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