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How can end users create a variety of compelling content for private networks without breaking the bank?”

Content is one of the biggest challenges for any digital network. Content becomes stale and is then ignored all too often. To ensure the intended audience is receiving the message, constant change is required. With that in mind, compelling content is the key, but there is no easy way to go around creating new content that is low in cost other than really using your internal resources.

Our own three tactics are as follows:  

  1. Social media feeds, letting stakeholders, engaged customers, staff post content – there are challenges of course, where content may need to be monitored, but there are many solutions there.
  2. Internal staff content: We reach out to our staff to find new and interesting events, things happening in the city we may not be aware of and general interest stories.  
  3. Reaching out to local businesses/artists/vendors/events: We are fortunate in that we are very close in proximity to City Hall and Arts Commons, a very large theatre area that hosts many events.  We use our relationships with them to help drive our content and to help them advertise their events.  We also help our partners advertise on our signage.  

In addition, we change the color palette and  add small holiday décor to our signage just to make sure we’re looking a bit different from time to time.


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