Ask the Board – October 2, 2017 | MARK GEIGER


How can end users create a variety of compelling content for private networks without breaking the bank?”

I’ve found several content providers out there who offer some compelling content at a very reasonable price. These providers offer everything from daily news and weather updates to niche topics that are very easy to localize.  My main goal is to entice our guests to look at the venue screens as often as possible during their visit. I believe I accomplish this with easy-to- read news, temperatures for the week and current date and time mixed in with advertising.  Another very easy way to generate content for your network is through PowerPoint.  I’ve seen some great content developed using PowerPoint, and the funny thing is you would never know that’s what was used.  One easy way to publish PowerPoint presentations and maintain all the transitions is to save the document as a .wmv (video) file. 


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