Ask the Board – October 2, 2017 | PAUL FLEURANGES


How can end users create a variety of compelling content for private networks without breaking the bank?”

Creating compelling content can be a challenge for private networks that don’t have in-house expertise or the budget to source creative from production houses or digital design firms. But, even these networks can benefit from compelling content by taking advantage of RSS and other free feeds that are readily available and easily accessible via API or other means. Another option for private networks is to leverage the content they’ve already created for other communications channels such as marketing materials or their website. Finally, private networks can take advantage of community-based resources by reaching out to graphic arts departments in area colleges and offering internships to students eager to beef up their portfolios in preparation for seeking full-time employment. Students win by gaining real world experience they can take to the next level, and the network wins by having access to talented artists who can create the compelling content they seek at little or no cost.

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