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How can end users create a variety of compelling content for private networks without breaking the bank?”

The need for a variety of compelling content for private networks without breaking the bank should be the “norm” for everyone.  In today’s no-time and no-money situation, how can a system be in place that doesn’t meet one of the minimum requirements (in my mind) any system should have.  What would assist is the fact that it is internal/private messaging and not outward/public facing.  This typically means that private content can be published and produced/maintained by non-technical folk from inside the organization.  For them, time is a major factor, including the need for a nice and easy-to-use template and front-end software.   I am making a bit of an assumption, most being the software you are using has the ability to easily modify existing templates.  Create a standard look and feel so everyone gets used to it.  Remember that we are creatures of habit and consistency.  Then, add output layout templates nested within the base templates on at least three different layout designs; ideally five to seven for each day of the week.  These layouts would get information, data/input from the “departments” regarding, i.e. food menu options, HR, events, info updates, employee celebrations, etc. to change.  As a minimum, these nested templates would include start date, duration (dates/times), topic(s), message, etc. based on your specific needs.  These will change from facility to facility, but you get the idea.  People can simply fill in the information like a Word document template.  Even better, does your system allow you to pull data from third-party sources?

This may seem like an assumption-based response, but into today’s critical business and vast variety of software choices … Your direction will be based on what makes the most sense for all parties involved.  Remember there is always an easier part and a complex part Plan this out well, spend the complex setup time once and give the user the easy part and be the hero!  Until next month, keep sending the message.


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