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How can end users create a variety of compelling content for private networks without breaking the bank?”

Guest Response from Angel Cordero, New Products & Services, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

To create a wide range of useful content, three techniques immediately come to mind – templates, seasonal, and sharing. 

First, content creators and designers should have a collection of templates ready to go.  These templates have effective layouts, copy and image placeholders.  The templates have already used pre-approved corporate style guides, fonts and color schemes.  Using these templates will allow teams to create new content quickly. 

Secondly, signage teams should design and archive seasonal content so it can be used again in the future. Annual sales, holiday messaging, HR open enrollment and tax season messaging are all examples.  This evergreen content can be reused instantly or refreshed quickly. 

Finally, in large companies, functional teams should collaborate to share corporate content.  For example, two operational business groups could share their safety slides or videos.  The collaboration could happen by sharing image files, adobe work files and even authored presentations.  Some teams may even want to share their work folders or use file-sharing apps to create a large repository of content.


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