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How can end users create a variety of compelling content for private networks without breaking the bank?”

Digital signage content that is fresh and engaging is critical to the success of any digital signage network. However, creating and maintaining that content with a minimum of investment can be a significant challenge. Here are some simple suggestions for investing in content:

  1. Leverage Social and Online Media:Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, Syndicated News Feeds and other dynamic content can be embedded as elements into your signs. These sources provide an almost unlimited supply of relevant and up-to-date content. This is especially true if your organization maintains a high-profile social media presence and/or publishes media to online repositories such a YouTube. 
  2. Design with Data in Mind:Social media, news feeds, public transportation schedules, event information and other similar types of content usually are derived from a data source. A data source can be a delimited text file, spreadsheet, database, or web service. Regardless, retrieved data is simply text and needs to be formatted and integrated with templates and other elements to be useful in digital signage. Investments up-front in high-quality designs created by a professional can pay off as those designs can bring a polished look to simple data that is quick and easy to add and to maintain over a long period of time by anyone in your organization.
  3. Place and Share the Responsibility:Making digital signage content a priority and finding the resources to bring that content to fruition can be a daunting to a small organization such as a single campus department. The burden can be lessened if several smaller signage networks can be managed under logical “umbrellas” of parent organizations. Such arrangements, for example, could help place the responsibilities for the design of high quality templates with a creative team and allow the child organizations beneath to use those templates and share content freely amongst themselves.

The common theme in these tips is openness and sharing. By looking for quality content online and from your own organization, integrating easy-to-manage data and dressing it up, and getting the right people involved in the right things, creating and maintaining fresh and engaging content can be far less daunting and without breaking the bank.

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