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What are the unique requirements/challenges of installing a mobile digital signage network?”

As technology continues to advance and the viewer attention span diminishes, it’s becoming more important to target and engage consumers on-the-go and in their environment. Installing a mobile digital signage network provides operators with the ability to take advantage of the few natural pause points during the day, but at what cost?

A mobile digital signage network can be a high-value opportunity…

  • Captivating: A captive environment allows for a very rare, undistracted moment where viewers are not over-stimulated by multiple forms of advertising.
  • Long Dwell Time: This provides an opportunity for long-form content and advertisements that tell the brand story.
  • Path/Proximity to Purchase: By targeting potential consumers on their normal commute/route, there’s a higher likelihood of influencing their store visits and purchase decisions along the way.

However, there are disadvantages that should be taken into consideration before moving forward…

  • Hard to Measure: A moving venue is nearly impossible to accurately measure as the number of viewers can vary by location and hour.
  • Dwell Time Overstated: Because the exposure rate is difficult to determine, dwell times may tend to be inflated.
  • Conflict with Mobile Phone Usage: While mobile digital signage is captivating, most passengers may be set in their ways of immediately accessing their mobile device during the public commute.
  • Environment Not Brand Friendly: Operators should be cognizant of the uncontrollable variables in an environment that may be off brand. This could include audience type, maintenance and external occurrences.

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