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How are smart cities and the IoT changing the future of DOOH?

When doing a complete update to a digital signage network, there are many factors to take into consideration.  The key is to focus on the most important aspects for your individual network.  Typically, a new network is concerned with costs, and therefore, has entry-level equipment.  Now that we are beyond that phase in our upgrades, we look for reliability and limited onsite maintenance.

Before we look at monitors and components, we look at the player PC.  Remember, this is the engine that is powering your whole network, and skimping here puts every other aspect at risk.  We typically look for a player to have more horsepower than needed today.  Doing this, we strive to future-proof our players.  By overloading the PC with memory and horsepower, we have found that the PC will reliably deliver years of additional service, far exceeding the extra cost with the benefit of sustained longevity.

During our latest network upgrade, we moved towards monitors with more capabilities such as RS232 diagnostic monitoring ability.  With this technology, we have found our service calls have been reduced dramatically.  Remember, if you have one service call that costs you $200, that covers the additional cost of a better monitor.  We tested this in our locations that were prone to more service calls, and it has paid off.

Lastly, we focus on the company doing the work.  We subcontract all our jobs, and having signage all over the country means there are different techs doing the same work. Unfortunately, the results are rarely the same.  We have at least one employee familiar with each location so no matter who shows up on site, they have a resource to turn to when completing the job. 

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