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How are smart cities and the IoT changing the future of DOOH?

Technology continues to evolve to make our lives more efficient. Technologies like the NEST thermostat, Apple TV, FitBit and Uber are a part of our everyday lives. Your home continues to become more connected and adapts with your cell phone being the “remote control.” Car manufacturers are saying that the driverless car will be on the streets by 2020, and Uber claims its entire fleet will be driverless by 2035. So, with all of these advancements around us, one of two things can occur in the future. First, the OOH industry could become like the newspaper industry and become less relevant or even obsolete. Secondly (and what I feel will occur and is occurring already today), our industry can embrace this change in technology. By embracing this technology, the OOH industry has this Renaissance opportunity to become the portal for advertisers in this ever-connected world.

No consumer wakes up in the morning excited to see their next advertisement. Consumers interact with what they choose to engage with in the tech/app world.  Advertisements just become a suggested way to reach within the consumer’s journey throughout their individual day. We talk a ton about data in this area and how to serve the most relevant ad to specific audience segmentations. I think we need to take this a step further and connect to these IoT. The future of advertising in the Digital OOH space in my world looks a little like this:

Imagine you wake up in the morning and make breakfast for you children. You take the milk out of your Samsung refrigerator and do the same with the cereal from the pantry. Both products are low and your cell phone receives an immediate notification, which when you start your vehicle, connects to the device. As you are semi-driving with your autonomous car to work, you encounter a roadside digital billboard. These digital billiards are equipped with Wi-Fi to help support and communicate with the autonomous car. The digital recognizes you’re out of milk and cereal, which prompts an advertisement on the billboard with a Walmart ad and Bordens Milk and Lucky Charms.  A second scenario in the future is a health-conscious consumer just finishes up a high intensity workout in a pair of Under Armour. Standing next to a digital bus shelter while wearing his FitBit, he notices a Muscle Milk ad changes. This doesn’t just happen by chance. It’s the use of Digital OOH of the future talking to wearables to provide relevant creative content.

I’m very passionate about the OOH Industry and always have enjoyed looking far into the future. It’s up to us as OOH Vendors, Tech Companies and Ad Agencies to make this all possible. 

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