Ask the Board – October 24, 2016 | MARGIT KITTRIDGE


How are smart cities and the IoT changing the future of DOOH?

Advanced connectivity of devices, systems and services is growing rapidly. IoT will soon be integrated into our everyday lives, at home and in the physical world to enhance urban living by bringing emerging technologies to public spaces in cities around the world. Intersection’s LinkNYC network in New York City is a great example of how IoT will bring connectivity to the physical world.

Connected data across multiple devices will deliver rich audience insights for marketers. Technology companies and marketers are already working together to create a seamless, intuitive and connected experience for consumers everywhere. With ubiquitous connectivity, marketers will need to explore how to link all of these data points together for a more holistic and personalized communication strategy while respecting each user’s privacy.

With the help of IoT, DOOH will become more intelligent and integrated into the daily journey of people on-the-go via contextually relevant and timely messages on any given day.


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