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How are smart cities and the IoT changing the future of DOOH?

Communication through digital-out-of-home networks is most effective when it is highly relevant and targeted for intended audiences. The introduction of new technology landscapes such as smart cities and improved Internet of Things connectivity will introduce a more data-driven, dynamically curated DOOH offering.

Intelligently aggregating the data from new sources will lead to many advances and/or changes for DOOH:

  1. More efficient inventory usage
    1. Content and ad inventory is a valuable limited resource and should be used with expert precision. By utilizing data from multiple new sources to better target audiences, there will be less waste of inventory.
  1. Better engagement from the audience
    1. Calls to action, whether it be advertising or other forms of messaging, should see higher engagement when the information is more intelligently served to the consumer.
  1. Real time, highly dynamic campaigns
    1. Right now, this is only done to a limited degree by usually very basic factors such as weather. But with more data available through Internet of Things integration, content distribution can be far more responsive to the environment auto-curate based on multiple simultaneous factors.
  1. New DooH markets will emerge With the investment in the aggregation of information, new intersections where consumers need information and that information is newly aggregated will inevitably exist. As a quick example, with smarter traffic lights emerging, there might be new and interesting ways to message to pedestrians waiting at crosswalks that have not yet been explored.

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