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How are smart cities and the IoT changing the future of DOOH?

Smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to help the DOOH industry on the fast track it’s been on for a number of years. DOOH double-digit revenue growth is expected through 2018 according to PQ Media, and the Internet of Things will only add to what is a very strong industry for location-based targeting, delivery and spend-ready audiences on the path to purchase.

Four examples of how DOOH networks will benefit from smart cities and the IoT include:

  1. The IoT and smart cities are pressuring DOOH networks to become smart networks. Currently, a limited number of DOOH networks are employing IoT or a dynamic data connection. With smart cities emerging, it is paving the way for all DOOH networks to research and adopt similar technology and big data applications.
  1. The IoT and smart cities will help DOOH networks get connected and become part of a city’s infrastructure. Entertaining DOOH networks can become higher functioning networks, and good content can become smart content.
  1. Advertisers will benefit from connected networks by greatly increasing their reach within key markets. A smart city integrated with location-based DOOH networks will immediately allow for the widespread scaling of previously unseen consumer messaging.
  1. Targeting and measurement will continue to evolve due to the IoT and smart cities.

Technology and big data integration will ultimately lead to better efficiencies for DOOH networks and their customers.

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