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What are the most important audience metrics and why?

Digital signage and network audience data can be broken down into two fundamental segments, Quantified and Qualified.

A Quantified audience is the sheer number of viewers that a screen or network has the opportunity to reach, and it is the baseline measurement needed in order for advertisers and agencies to consider, evaluate and ultimately plan and buy virtually any media format.

The Digital Place-based Advertising Association (DPAA) has issued Audience Metric Guidelines thatconsider viewers’ presence, notice and dwell time in a screen zone in order to arrive at an estimated audience.   These guidelines are currently under review by the Media Ratings Council (MRC), whichintends to convert the measurement methodology of Digital Place-based into a more standardized approach.

Qualified audience data addresses the composition of an audience.  Up until recently, this has been limited to demographics such as age, gender, household income and ethnicity, but now with integration of more robust data, largely from mobile analytics, the opportunity to tap into a plethora of behavioral data exists. This gives digital signs and networks the opportunity to report on audience segments comparable to other major media.

The value of mobile audience data extends beyond just defining an audience as we are able to capture what screens or networks a mobile user has been exposed to and then track their behavior such as geo-location visits afterward to provide attribution for the media exposure.

Overall, a Quantified audience is deemed a requirement for digital screens and networks, while a Qualified audience provides greater insights as to whom an advertiser has the opportunity to reach, thus can provide a boost to the overall value of the screen’s or network’s audience in terms.

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