Ask the Board – October 3, 2016 | KENNETH BRINKMANN


What are the most important audience metrics and why?

In my opinion, the industry has lacked rich data sets that provide a close geo location proximity for years. Mobile carrier data in itself is a powerful data set, but it lacks the depth and usability of social and digital data. While digital and online have been fusing planning and buying informed by social and digital behavioral data sets for several years, it seems that OOH has been struggling to achieve the same granularity. Further, the use of real-time audience data is going to be a key part of dynamic campaigns in our space.

So, the most importance metrics will tie in the various rich social, digital and behavioral data sets to geo locations, and to mobility patterns and to be able to use the data with a close proximity nationally. This way, we will be able to determine audience affinities for individual OOH panels and target these audiences with contextually relevant content at exactly the right time.

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