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What are the most important audience metrics and why?

This goes back to the “Why?” of the media strategy, and with OOH Media, there’s an endless buffet of “How” and “What” options ranging from those that deliver Ego to Impact to Impressions to Engagement.  Out of the gate, it’s critical to clearly identify and agree on purpose and intent.  It’s not unusual to plan and execute against one direction and later see the post-buy analysis conducted under a new and different set of KPIs. 

For example, if size does matter and the motivation is all about “Impact” and “Ego” satisfaction, the brand must accept a more qualitative and anecdotal set of campaign metrics.  Conversely, if the goal is to achieve strict engagement numbers, the plan will be built against that end – typically with more message frequency and contextual proximity – and it should be judged accordingly.  Lastly, and most often forgotten, is the role of message within the messenger.  We have to aggressively ask ourselves if the creative fits the media plan, and vice versa?  In the end, if you are clear about what you want up front, plan well against it, and avoid changing the rules along the way. It’s very possible to use OOH to achieve a wide range of audience metrics.



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