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What are your top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul?

I would not say we have embarked on a comprehensive Digital Signage overhaul.  However, on a select basis in specific areas for certain use-cases, we have consistently upgraded our digital signage capability. We have a wide variety of use cases for digital signage, and in our operating environment, ‘one-size’ truly does not ‘fit all.’

I would say the main takeaways have to do with the importance of:

  • Practical durability, particularly for outdoor implementations and operational ease of maintenance.
  • Maintaining easy visual clarity in a variety of ambient lighting conditions, spanning from indoor to outdoor situations and outdoor being particularly challenging at times.
  • Ability to control and affect content remotely from a centralized perspective.
  • Achieving a manageable cost and sourcing model that allows for life-cycle management and anticipated technology refresh.  

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