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What are your top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul?

1.Go back to basics:  Pull your original scope document and review your original objectives and the purpose of the digital signage system. What was marketing trying to accomplish? What was HR trying to achieve? Did your original system meet these objectives?  Set a time to engage with all potential stakeholders and digital signage network end-users. Ensure their needs and aspirations for the network are factored into what CMS will be selected, SLA requirements, content strategy and workflows. Consider the potential for delivering revenue or offsetting costs. Determine what features of the CMS you are using versus what you thought you needed. Can you save money by changing CMS providers? Should you lease services verses purchasing perpetual licenses? Technology changes so rapidly. Finally, ensure a content strategy is defined and factored into the annual operating budget before committing Capex.

2. Does your IT environment support cloud-hosted solutions and the broad array of tools built to automate content delivery? Is your current CMS built to exploit either option? Would another CMS offer more functionality and automation to do so? Or, are you looking at an off-network solution that allows you more flexibility and does not require your company’s IT buy-in and support.

3. Renegotiate your SLAs with your managed service provider to ensure that the network is always kept 100-percent operational. Refresh with the future in mind.  Development is happening so fast that you have to be thinking ahead. Evaluate the technical capabilities of your network for what the next three to five years will bring … not on what you had for the last three to five years.

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