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What are your top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul?

Compatibility is critical.  When replacing multiple systems, we make a point of using common manufacturers.   This leverages our dollar in negotiating the sale, while keeping our point of contact simple and direct.

If we’re buying multiple screens for an installation or trade show use, we make a point of buying additional screens as backup.  Physically, the screens are compatible and uniform, and one can easily replace another. If a forklift or heavy travel causes accidental damage, we have a ready replacement that matches. In just a few months, that model is likely to be updated or unavailable, and replacements will not be uniform.

Digital signage is much more affordable than it used to be. Whether you’re considering a consumer screen or a professional one, you can easily pay less than half of what you did just two or three years ago for technology that is probably better. This allows us to stretch our budgets in new, better ways and ensures an even faster adaptation speed of digital communication.

Our employees and customers expect to receive information via digital signage.  They are comfortable with it and look for it. If we don’t provide it, they judge us as less than technically astute. When we replace and overhaul a digital signage system, we may expect to receive accolades and appreciation.  But instead, the response is more likely to be “it’s about time.”

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