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What are your top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul?

 My top three takeaways for a digital signage overhaul are as follows:

  1. If you are doing an overhaul, you are probably looking at new software and playback platforms. Your current system is a place where you have probably learned a lot about what you like and dislike about our workflow and capabilities of that system making it a good place to start when looking at a replacement. I know one of the problems with my current system is that it is not a good fit for an enterprise solution, Like many systems, ours started small and then we added a few locations, and then a few more and that added more and more playlists leaving us with a need for a solution that is more server based so that we can have multiple teams control their content.
  1. If you are replacing screens, there are many options. Some of the screens are getting large enough now that they can replace a small video wall, leaving you one uniform surface as well as the cost of LED coming down as well as how good the OLED technology is looking.

Form Factor. Some of the systems that you currently have may have been installed when your only option was a large PC to from which to run the content. Now, there are more offers with System on a Chip and small Google Chrome devices that make the install much smaller and cleaner without the need for a rack full of equipment.



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