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What are your top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul?

Planning, Planning, and more planning:

There are a lot of components to a digital signage network. Media players, content management, networking infrastructure, content creation, large-format displays, implementation companies and they all play a critical part in the success of your project.  Be sure to evaluate each one, make sure you get beyond the sales pitch and dig deeper.  This should feel like you’re hiring a new employee.

Clear and Ongoing Communication:

As a leader, your key job is to clearly communicate your goals.  A complete overhaul does not come without its hiccups and challenges.  Be sure that your objectives are always clear, and if you have to make concessions, and you mostly likely will, be sure not to compromise your core objectives.  If you have planned well, you know that you will have shortfalls but those can be overcome in time.

Development Plans:

You’re not going to achieve everything on day one.  Be sure to have a phased approach to your project to ensure that you have measurable achievement. Remember that technology can change faster than you can implement sometimes, so avoid being pinned into a corner because of a single specific piece of technology.  Never stop planning as it’s not a requirement today until it is tomorrow.

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