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What are your top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul?

When completing a signage overhaul, three takeaways that have helped consideration for future efforts include: 1) identifying any equipment that can be reused, 2) proper timing and 3) justifying the upgrade, and ensuring the scope includes more than hardware changes.

First, when planning the overhaul, it is important to identify the elements that can be reused.  Existing brackets, cabling and even players can have vastly different life/use expectancy than the monitors. Focusing the overhaul to the actual components that need the upgrade can help stretch a tight budget.

Next, it is important to establish the need for an overhaul as early as possible. Many times, budgets are planned years in advance, and it helps to identify objective criteria early in a digital signage system’s life cycle to trigger a future overhaul. Relying on long standing criteria can help ease the budget process when requesting funds by demonstrating the reliance on a well thought out process for the effort.

Finally, like other elements in the system, content management software continues to expand in capability. Even if the current version of the software is supported and viable, upgrading this key element can open the door to new and creative uses, or at a minimum, help with content development and make managing the effort more efficient.  A planned comprehensive effort that reuses lasting infrastructure, is based on sound objective needs and that includes more than just the tangible and visible screens will result in a successful digital signage overhaul.


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