Ask the Board – October 31, 2016 | JERRY HARRIS


What are your top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul?

In my experience the need for a digital signage network overhaul is warranted for a series of factors. The most obvious is aging or failing equipment. There’s not much to take away from having this type of overhaul done other than making sure you purchase run-time rated equipment that’s suitable for your operation.

Other factors that force an overhaul can be inadequate infrastructure.  This could range from insufficient data cabling to subpar content players. Be sure to research the longevity of the prospective players and displays to make sure an “overhaul” is not done prematurely.

Lastly, before you commit to the overhaul, reflect on the challenges you currently have with the system and how you would like to mitigate those challenges with the overhaul. Overhauls are inevitable, but make sure each growth spurt your system takes meets needs and goals.

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