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What are your top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul?

  1. Get the right partner. 

If you’re overhauling digital signage, there is going to be a lot of strategy required. From my experience, one must have the right partner(s) in place to manage this process.  An overhaul can include changes to hardware, software and content. I have found success with using one partner to help manage all moving pieces. Some call this “one throat to choke,” but I find that many synergies and learnings evolve this way.  This partner would also manage the “demolition” of an existing system and the installation of the new.

  1. Understand the goal.

There has to be a good reason to completely overhaul a digital signage system. Make sure that all players understand the goal of the project. For example, a goal of being cutting edge and innovative is much different than a financial goal of getting a high return on investment.  Different decisions will affect the overall outcome depending on the end goal.

  1. Content is key.

Overhauling digital signage does not always need to involve an entirely new system of hardware. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint can do the trick depending on the end goal.  If hardware is in place and budget is tight, take a look at the option to overhaul the content by investing more funds into making it top quality and strategic. 


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