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What are your top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul?

A digital signage overhaul can immediately improve communication. It opens up a wide array of options as opposed to promoting just one thing. We can better target our audience by tailoring messages that are relevant to the group and up to date. For example, if there’s a family show at the arena, we can promote other upcoming family shows and promotions, highlight sponsors within that demographic and tailor ‘text to win’ contests with prizes that appeal to that group with the goal to grow our customer database.  The communication effort is more focused, vibrant and a better all-around experience by utilizing digital signage.

There’s also something to be said for enhancing the overall perception of your brand with your current customers, members and prospects. We want to shape our organization as one that is keeping up with technology, if not ahead of the curve. Utilizing the technology that’s available and making it an interactive content experience for the viewer is the goal. The overall advertising landscape is switching from a static experience to a more interactive, content based initiative and we want to adapt our strategy to coincide with the technology.

My other comment about a digital signage overhaul relates to the topic of expenses.  By conducting a digital signage overhaul, you can expect higher costs than traditional signage upfront.  However, after the initial expenses are covered, the updates made to content and messages with digital signage become more cost effective. Compared to the traditional process of designing, reprinting and installing static signs over and over, the option to create content-focused digital signs makes sense.

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