Ask the Board – October 31, 2016 | JOEL ALLARD


What are your top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul?

My thoughts are focused on a hardware/software overhaul, rather than a content overhaul.

1 – You will need a bigger team (internally and externally) than you think you do. Make sure to leave room on everyone’s plate for punch-lists, revisits and unexpected defects or issues. It takes stronger project management than a new rollout, as remnants of the previous installation have a way of sticking around, and it’s hard to get visibility to all of that.

2 – If you are migrating any part of your software environment, have a thoughtful plan about managing multiple systems (content, schedules, etc.) during the rollout. Worst case, you’re doing twice the work, and taking twice as much time to get all sites updated.

3 – Get some sleep. There’s only so much candle to burn at each end!


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