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What are your top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul?

While we have yet to do an overhaul of our system, here are three takeaways that have led to significant changes in our digital signage system.

  1. Drill down to the specific audience. In a large organization, instead of having one content playlist on your staff-facing digital signs, create messaging for the specific groups of staff that see each digital sign. For example, the digital sign in the break room for your front-line staff is the perfect place to add messaging on safety and protocol changes, while the digital sign in the break room of your administrative offices will be better suited for messaging related to your strategic plan. Consider having one global-all playlist for HR messages and things that apply to all staff and then add more localized content to each individual digital sign. By drilling down and creating content specific to the type of employee seeing each digital sign, you will increase engagement and increase value in the overall channel.
  1. Make data-driven decisions. Recently, we removed content from our interactive digital signs that are meant to help patients and families find their way around our hospital campus. Normally, I would never advocate for removing information that could be deemed helpful. However, the analytics generated from these interactive signs told me very few people were accessing this particular content. It also happens that this particular content was very hard to keep up to date, and in some situations, had a tendency to display incorrectly. Since the analytics proved it wasn’t helping many (if any) users, it was easy to create a strong case for this change. How nice when we can make a change to better serve our families, which actually makes it easier for us to provide accurate content for the interactive digital signs!
  1. When it comes to content requests, say yes more often than no. Getting folks to think of digital signs as a trusted channel for information can be a challenge. It can be a long, uphill battle that takes time, no doubt. However, when requests to add content to digital signs begin to come (and they will!), you’ll be better served to add that content and risk longer playlists than to lock things down to a bare minimum. Folks like to see their messaging as well as new messaging when they glance at the digital sign, so why not make life easier on you and accept those requests to promote a department’s theme month and take comfort in knowing that particular group of employees will be reading all your corporate content as they look for their particular message in the playlist.

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