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What are your top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul?

Approaching it from an end user perspective, my top three takeaways are:

  • To make sure business objectives and expectations are clearly set ahead of time,
  • To set a clear list of responsibilities and expectations with internal and external resources, and
  • To overcompensate for the support needed after the initial install or transition.

My first two takeaways are focused on expectations because I have found that they are usually where the root cause of any problems encountered lie.  Unless it is a true R&D project, in most implementations, it is typically not the first time that equipment, software, content or a service vendor has been used for the solution, with many other companies having already had success with it.

When problems are encountered, it is more often the case that the expectations were not clearly documented and accommodated for during planning.  Having a clearly defined picture of what success looks like and the carefully planned steps for how it will be achieved will be key to making that success a reality.  Finally, it is normal to have technical problems arise with new equipment, but it is how those problems are dealt with that make all the difference.  

Planning ahead for issues that will arise after the first few days or weeks of a new implementation is critical. Such a plan needs to include clear details for how issues will be communicated to the support teams and have adequate or even additional resources available to respond quickly. Triage and resolution may take longer than normal due to the new equipment, and early negative impressions can be hard to recover from if issues are not addressed quickly.

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