Ask the Board – October 31, 2016 | MARK GEIGER


What are your top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul?

My three takeaways from any digital signage overhaul would be:

  1. Did it improve upon what I had in place?
  2. Will it enable our group to sell more and see a Return on Investment (ROI)?
  3. Using the latest technology and adding additional features, did it make our job easier and everyone more productive?

We just recently went through an RFQ process to replace five video walls that have been in place for more than six years.  The walls were great and more than paid for themselves during that timeframe. We decided to go with indoor 3.9-millimeter LED signs that will be a little bigger than the original video walls. Time will tell, but I believe my three takeaways will come to fruition once the project is complete.  Additionally, we will repurpose the monitors that made up the video walls as single units throughout our venue.

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