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What are your top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul?

A move to digital signage is a big investment that takes a great deal of planning to not just deploy but to see the benefits signage can offer.  Here are three takeaways to consider:

Content drives value: It is not enough to convert to digital signage. You need to develop content that is digital first and designed to drive action. Don’t assume you can pick up materials intended for printed materials or TV and have the desired impact.  Content needs to be grounded in a digital strategy of how you want to engage your guests and what actions you want them to take.

Plan to test:  Budget for testing and map out testing approaches to learn what tactics and messages move the needle. Then, optimize and continue to test. Treat your signage as a content channel that needs to be curated and honed based on performance.

It takes commitment and time:  Overhauls do not happen overnight and are not complete once screens are installed.  Map out and share a long-term plan from rollout to content to pipeline and future evolution.  Set expectations across the system to gain the commitment needed to look at the signage program as a long-term solution.

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