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What are your top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul?

As we round out the last days of the L.A. County Fair, and having power supply issues on our main entrance gate LED board, the topic of top consideration for digital signage overhaul is really fresh in my mind.

My top three:

Display: On any signage overhaul, the most looked at change is the consideration for the screen and its viewing.  The new screen has to be brighter, MUCH greater resolution, larger size, LED or LCD/OLED display(s), and most importantly, it has to fit in the same location or other considerations.  On the physical side, will it take less power or more? Will it use the same mounts or will it need new mounting considerations? Will it support outdoor or indoor viewing with sun glare? Will the existing media players support the new screens?

Software: Hopefully, this will be the easy part.  If your software is able to accommodate the new display’s resolution and screen(s), you are good to go.  But what you have to consider is the newer graphics and layout will most likely have to be redesigned.  Since the sign is being overhauled, shouldn’t the look, feel and functionality also be overhauled?   With the upgrade, really look at the network currently communicating with the display(s).I Is there enough bandwidth to transfer the information required, especially on live HD video feeds.  You are going HD now? At least 1080p. You don’t want a beautiful sign with jittery motion and bad audio, right?! 

Content: Content is always king. It is an important enough topic to make it into the top three.  As stated in the software section above, the new look and feel will have to be redesigned to accommodate the new screen(s). You want the same easy-to-control content and auto-update you had in the past.  This process means not losing any functionality.  Are you considering adding interactive functionality, partitioning the screen(s) for more data and additional information? Do scripts have to be written to pull additional information?

You really have to look at this as a new deployment with the benefit of history and usage.  This typically means you know what worked great and what didn’t. This insider information will help make you look like a shooting star and the best decision maker for the new sign.  That’s it for this month as I run around to enjoy the last round of deep fried anything to eat. By next month, my fried food coma should be over and I will be ready to go…

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