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What are your top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul?

First, depending on what “vintage or era” the older digital signage would fall under, this would be a good time to consider what new or added technology can or should be incorporated into the new deployment.  Is this an opportunity to move toward OLED or touchscreen interactivity?  Is the form factor such that you can go with smaller bezels with a new purchase?

Secondly, if the original deployment was not ADA compliant, can you re-deploy the new digital signage in a compliant manner? This not only goes for the physical placement of the hung sign, but also if there is touchscreen interactivity, can you bring the “touch” buttons on the content screen within the ADA rules through a content redesign?

Thirdly, now is the time to decide if the new deployment continues to meet the original goals of the digital signage in that particular venue.  Should it be reoriented from horizontal to a vertical monitor?  Does it need audio capability?  Should it add touchscreen interactivity to take advantage of way-finding opportunities?  Is the size of the monitor adequate for the venue?  Of course, the first thing you need to ask before you buy anything is… “What content will I put on this digital sign?”  Content creation decisions should drive any deployment of digital signage.  Once you know what the prime type of content and purpose will be, THEN your decisions for the previous concerns come into clearer focus. 

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