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What are your top three takeaways from a digital signage overhaul?

I live in a world of interactive signage—basically signage people can touch. There are three significant areas that have evolved quickly in the last few years that have made a large impact on what we’ve needed to deliver recently.

– Touch Screens: Thanks to the technology that is in everyone’s pockets, people expect multi-touch when they see images and maps.  As soon as they try the “inverse pinch” and it doesn’t work, they’re usually done.  If the intent is to educate or keep them captivated, you’re going to have to be as good as the app they use on their phone.

– Content: Functional and Entertaining. There is no other purpose for interactive signage. Either it needs to provide visitors a valuable service or a quality entertaining moment out of their day. If you can blend product education with function and entertainment, well, then you’ve got something!  Games anyone?

– People: As mentioned before, personal devices have changed expectations.  How many times have you or someone else approached a digital sign in a mall and touched it with the expectation that it would do something or go deeper only to find that it actually doesn’t do anything? Well, there you go!

This also might not be a bad place to mention that having a strong, responsive, onsite service agreement is kind of handy these days!

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