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Which end-user verticals show the most potential for growth? Are there any that are at risk of diminishing or drying up?”

We are seeing more end-user verticals with challenges than not. We all know what is happening to the Big Box stores—closings, downsizing, right sizing or whatever you want to call it. The positive exciting thing about this is the opportunity to re-envision the use of the space. That is where we are spending lots of our time. We are fortunate that we are a global company with projects literally all over the world. We are able to introduce best practices and concepts to our client base that may not have the opportunity to see what is happening in other parts of the globe. The one sector that continues to show growth opportunities is Food and Beverage, and I am not referring to chain food stores, but rather food halls, localized food and product offerings. This is an exciting space to work in because these projects often save old, soon-to-be torn down facilities, and bring them back to life. The tenant mix is also getting more diverse, with small retail literally popping up. I think this is the fuel that is needed to ignite the resurgence of what retail is going to be in the future. Experience is still king, and what better way to start it than an amazing burger and a localized cocktail?!!! 

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