Ask the Board – October 9, 2017 | JONATHAN BRAWN


Which end-user verticals show the most potential for growth? Are there any that are at risk of diminishing or drying up?”

In my opinion, the current end user verticals that are growing the fastest are retail, QSR and corporate. QSR is going to continue to be dominant due to the regulations (even with the delays). These verticals offer some of the best uses of the technology! For ones that are at risk of diminishing … I don’t think so, but I’d say more leveling off. For the education vertical, limited budgets are going to impact K-12. Also, I’m concerned about retail because a big a part of the explosion was the “experience,” but some retailers may swing back in the other direction on that by lowering the amount of screens deployed there, but I hope that won’t be dramatic.  

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