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Which end-user verticals show the most potential for growth? Are there any that are at risk of diminishing or drying up?”

All business-to-consumer (B2C) categories continue to be robust, and in particular, those needing to reinvent the customer experience to stay relevant such as retail (fashion, jewelry, sporting goods, cosmetics), hospitality and automotive.

Consumer package goods (CPG) that use many retail channels are fast realizing that point-of-purchase dynamic media can reinforce their brand and influence the selection decision toward the recurring transactions basis of brand loyalty. 

While large food services chains (including QSR) have been moving aggressively and thoughtfully forward with investment, the competitive pressures within the category continue to be great, and the ongoing battle for food spending with grocery, including new food supply entrants such as convenience stores, packaged meals and ship-to-home, will continue to fuel dynamic signage programs. Regional and smaller food services providers that need to compete against national firms for consumer experience-based visits and revenues.  

Electronics, an early adopter of in-store dynamic media, continues to develop its application of the media, and like CPGs, suppliers are increasingly aware that they must be more hands on and invested in merchandising their products with persuasive information.

Medical facilities, including waiting and treatment areas, continue to move from TV and posters into richer and more informative content that only digital signage can deliver.

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